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General Manager (Управление гостиницей)

Talent Map (Гостиницы и Рестораны)

Описание вакансии

We are seeking for brave specialist on GM position who is ready to work hard in a small property, which is fully staffed and who isn't afraid of doing several jobs at a time and.

s a General Manager, you’ll be responsible for effectively leading and managing all aspects of the hotel and restaurant operations as well as delivering results that contribute to the mission and overall success and revenue strategy of the hotel by accomplishing performance objectives in regard to heading the sales and profitability, with a strong emphasis on guest experience and satisfaction and ensuring that brand standards are met.

Job Requirements:
Minimum of 3 years experience as a GM or AGM in a full service luxury hotel REQUIRED.
50 hours of work per week minimum
Proven track record in delivering financial results
Proven track record of building a cohesive team and facilitating goal accomplishment
Ability to create a culture of accountability
Commitment to exceptional guest service
Strong communication and listening skills, excellent speaking, reading and writing skills
Aptitude in financial management, financial reports and analysis
Excellent leadership skills with a hands-on, lead-by-example work style


Задачи / Ключевые показатели (KPI)

Описание задачи / Ключевого показателя (KPI) Профессиональная сфера Срок выполнения
Driving the sales culture in the hotel through active involvement in the sales process, including encouraging the leadership team to develop effective revenue management strategies and setting aggressive goals that will drive the property’s financial perf
Стратегическое управление и планирование 1 год
Monitoring actual sales and revenues to determine variance and assess goal accomplishments.
Управление финансами 1 год
Preparing an annual budget and business plan in collaboration with appropriate department heads to ensure the smooth operations of the hotel, set financial goals and plan expenses.
Управление финансами 1 год
Analyzing business results and working with your executive committee and corporate team to develop effective strategies to address needs. Making key decisions and overseeing execution, removing obstacles to success and ensuring appropriate resources are a
Стратегическое управление и планирование 6 месяцев
Ensuring brand standards are met with the objective of meeting or exceeding guest expectations; communicating follow-up actions to the team as necessary.
Управление гостиницей 6 месяцев
Ensuring that all associate and business decisions are in line with the hotel group aesthetic and on brand.
Маркетинг 3 месяца
Functioning as the primary strategic leader of the hotel with responsibility for all aspects of the operation, including guest and associate satisfaction, human resources, financial performance and sales and revenue generation.
Стратегическое управление и планирование 3 месяца
Overseeing the award winning restaurant and creating F&B strategy with a focus on sales and consistent quality.
Управление гостиницей 3 месяца


Английский язык

Отлично понимаю устную речь, хорошо говорю, "трудные" слова иногда приходится вспоминать. Читаю и пишу хорошо.


Разрешение конфликтов

У меня исключительные способности разрешать конфликтные ситуации.


Организаторские способности

Считаю себя исклюцительно хорошим организатором. Большинство из выполняемых мною задач подразумевает вовлечение в работу и организацию работы нескольких человек. Подавляющее большинство таких задач было выполнено успешно. Меня неоднократно поощряли за организацию работы людей и групп.



- Вуз – Магистр

Разрешение на работу

- Компания не будет предоставлять помощь при получении разрешения на работу

15  Январь  2018

500 000 


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