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ML Engineer (Программирование)

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Описание вакансии

In this role you will be working on building Machine Learning models to support our computer vision and data analysis efforts. The role will involve understanding our current systems and their limitations and bringing your expertise in augmenting and developing ML models.

We are very interested in expertise around the subfields of semantic segmentation and instance segmentation and your role will involve keeping up to date with the latest papers in these areas and implementing them using platforms like Tensorflow, Pytorch, etc... Robotics data also comes in a variety of different forms (time series, alerts, etc..) that are targets for models to help us predict and analyze behaviors emerging from our robotics systems. Your job will not only be finding and perfecting the right model(s) and architecture, but also identifying key problems throughout our system that can be solved with machine learning.

Experience with RGBD datasets and point clouds is also very important to the type of problems you will encounter in this role and experience in the areas of ML for autonomous vehicles or robotics is very useful. In addition to all of this, a solid grounding in writing optimized code in c++ and python and understanding limitations of languages and frameworks is critical. Additionally familiarity with cloud infrastructure to build training and serving pipelines is also a key aspect to this role.

Our use cases require low latency inference that approaches real time and therefore you must be able to build highly performant models and serving architectures. While an understanding of open source solutions is a useful prerequisite, we also require that the candidate has experience building their own models, training pipelines and serving infrastructure to run a production system. The end to end process of gathering data, augmenting data, studying performance and optimizing quality of the model, and deploying and troubleshooting models on the field will be under your purview.

Familiarity with the the following papers is a bonus:
BS/MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science or a related discipline, or equivalent experience.
2 or more years of related work experience.
Strong knowledge of Modern C++ and Python.
Experience creating Tensorflow and Pytorch graphs.
Experience using profilers and debuggers to optimize code.
Experience building and maintaining production code.
Prior experience building and training production ML models from scratch using Tensorflow and pytorch.
Experience with serving architectures like NVIDIA Triton and Tensorflow Serving, flask and others.
Strong academic background and knowledge of ML and academic papers.
Experience with cloud infrastructure such as AWS, GCP, Azure etc. and experience using this infrastructure to create training and serving pipelines.
Ability to trace and solve problems across interconnected systems, pipelines and applications.
Self starter with build and installation systems (CMake, setuptools, etc…).
Knowledge of containerization and paradigms (docker, kubernetes, etc...).
Strong experience with software development processes (testing, CI/CD, design documentation, project management workflow, code reviews, source control conventions).
Experience deploying software and configuring distributed systems.

Our client is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity. Does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.




Эксперт (8-10 лет опыта программирования)



- Вуз – Специалист

Разрешение на работу

- Удалённая работа

08  Март  2022

178 000 USD


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