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Nadey Anton

CV для печати, обновлено 08/09/2023
51 год 21.07.1972
  • Соединённые Штаты Америки, Калифорния, Лос-Анджелес-Каунти, Редондо Бич
  • anton.nadey@gmail.com
Bilingual professional with 15+ years of experience, building, selling and delivering HR / Recruitment / Automation services and solutions. GM and StartUp experience. Entrepreneurial mind set. Solid understanding of IT environment and industry. Light programming skills.

Описание опыта работы

  • 08.2022 — по настоящее время

    Talent Acquisition Team Lead (Рекрутмент)

    Network Optix (Создание и внедрение ПО)

  • 02.2021 — по настоящее время

    Product development manager (Управление и развитие продуктов)

    IBS (IT | Системная интеграция)

    Managing development and support of business process automation products within HR Outsource Services department

  • 04.2019 — 01.2021

    Project and Product manager (Управление и развитие продуктов)

    IBS (IT | Системная интеграция)

    Managed acquisition, integration and development of new products (all parts of Applicant Tracking System) within Recruitment Process Outsource Services Division

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • developed product strategy, goals, requirements and a roadmap for a cross-functional team (engineers, product designers, analysts)
    • integrated the product with existing corporate systems
    • managed talent acquisition, integration and buildup (SW development, testing, marketing, sales)
    • managed trademark and IP registration with governing agencies
    • worked closely with teams to take ideas from concept to launch
    • collaborated with finance and accounting to insure revenue collection and recording and corporate compliance
    • conducted pre-M&A product due diligence
  • 09.2015 — 06.2020

    Founder | Lead recruiter (Рекрутмент)

    Talent Map the recruitment agency (Рекрутмент)

    Managing a team of freelance recruiters. Recruiting for mid-top management roles
    - Area of expertise: General management, Finance, Sales, Business development, SW Development and other IT roles
    - Geography: Russia, EU, US.

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Delivering HR consulting services (recruitment process setup, training hiring managers, creation and implementation of HR processes, writing of HR policies (C&B, Code of conduct, Training and Development, Travel, HR documentation)
    • Searching, screening, interviewing and presenting candidates for mid-top management roles
    • Managing recruitment automation projects (Huntflow, Recruiterbox, estaff)
    • make 3-5 placements a month
    • Communicating with HRs and hiring managers (all stages of requisition development)
    • Managing work of an ad-hoc team of 3-5 freelance researchers
  • 05.2012 — 07.2015

    Country representative (with GD responsibilities) (Управление бизнес единицей)

    Monster (Интернет рекрутмент)

    Represented Monster Worldwide Inc. (monster.com) in Russia.

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Supported administration of a Russian legal entity (Finance and accounting, Legal, HR, Administration)
    • Supervised execution of local marketing activities, OLM and SMM (industry trade-shows, events, AdWords and YandexDirect campaigns, Facebook groups, Blogs)
    • Managed annual Key Accounts renewals and upsells
    • Personally recruited and supervised execution of international recruitment projects generated in Russia
    • Managed sales of international and local Monster products in Russia (average $500K annual sales)
  • 12.2011 — 05.2014

    Founder / GM (Управление малым / стартап бизнесом | Предпринимательство )

    TalentMap.ru (Интернет рекрутмент)

    TalentMap.ru is an HR/recruitment web application which helps professionals to visualize their career history. Candidates show their careers on their visual resume, hiring managers analyze it and match with career opportunities they have.

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Managed creation of a working prototype of the TalentMap.ru site
    • Managed a team of 4 people: 2 recruiters, 1 content specialist (freelance), 1 SW developer (freelance)
    • Evaluated customer driven product improvements and implemented those improvements on the site
    • Communicated with potential commercial site users (HRs, ATS providers, erecruitment sites), prepared targeted sales or cooperation presentations
    • Personally recruited for top-management and executive positions
    • Managed OLM (YandexDirect, AdWords) and SMM (FB, VK, LI groups) campaigns
    • Prepared and presented on trade shows (HR)
    • Prepared presentation materials for busnes development and sales meetings
  • 10.2008 — 05.2012

    GM/Country Manager (Управление бизнес единицей)

    Monster (Интернет рекрутмент)

    Incorporated and run operations of Monster Worldwide legal entity in Russia

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Planned and controlled execution of an in-country sales initiatives (annual sales over $1 mil.)
    • Planned and controlled execution of marketing campaigs (Outdoor advertising/promotion, OLM, SMM, BTL, PR, event management)
    • Set up standards and controlled execution of customer support functon
    • Personally recruited all hires made in Russia
    • Internet Site management (Product localisation and development, Content management)
    • Accounting and banking
    • Administrative, HR, Legal support
  • 03.2007 — 10.2008

    Country representative - Russia (Развитие бизнеса)

    Monster (Интернет рекрутмент)

    Represented Monster Worldwide Inc. in Russia.

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Managed local marketing events
    • Conducted pre-sales contacts and product overviews/presentations
    • Consulted Emerging Markets EVP on an in country issues - Market conditions, events and development - Product assessment, development, localization and pricing
    • Coordinated global marketing activity
    • Represented company on industry tradeshows
    • Acted as a contact point for PR and media inquiries
  • 03.2006 — 09.2007

    HR Director (Управление персоналом)

    Mansion (Индустрия развлечений)

    Organized and Directed HR department of an investment project (hospitality and gaming) multi-industry holding company (5 legal entities)

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Consulted and advisied senior management on HR issues: - Organizational structure and Headcount planning - Executive recruitment, hiring and deployment - Employee evaluation and development - Expatriate employment / Relocation - Labor disputes
    • Directed HR aspects of initiatives of the Group in Russia, in particular: - Development of grading and C&B structure - Setting up employee services business group, including HRM automation - Initial staffing of projects - Budgeting of payroll and other HR related expenses - Employment termination upon project completion
    • Established and managed administrative and operational support group
  • 02.2005 — 02.2006

    HR Director (Управление персоналом)

    ЗАО Talina (Холдинги | ГК | Доверительное управление )

    Directed operations of HR department of a multi-industry holding company (11 legal entities, over 5000 employed)
    *member of holding's Board of Directors and Advisory Committee

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Analyzied, regulatied and planned headcount distribution according to company plans (growth and restructuring\downsizing)
    • Budgeted payroll and other HR related expenses
    • Developed and implemented HR policies, rules, processes and procedures (C&B, performance management process, T&D, staffing, employee communications)
    • Managed a team of functional HR consultants (holding/managing company) and co-managed HR generalists (business units)
    • Managed labor union relations
  • 10.2003 — 02.2005

    Recruitment consultant (Рекрутмент)

    Intel Corporation (Производство ПК и компонентов)

    Supported sourcing, recruitment and hiring process (Experienced, Recent College Graduate and Interns) in Northern, Eastern Europe Region and Russia
    *member of International Recruitment and Relocation Team
    *member of EMEA Org. Development committee

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Participated in non requisition-specific sourcing and staffing activities
    • Provided staffing support for M&A projects
    • Recruited for variety of positions in all business groups in EMEA region
    • Oversaw work of team of interns (2-6 interns)
    • Participated in T&D activities (Certified Intel Trainer)
  • 09.2001 — 10.2003

    Co-owner/General manager (Управление малым / стартап бизнесом | Предпринимательство )

    Uniglobus (Рекрутмент)

    Created, Co-owned and Managed a full service recruitment and HR consulting agency.

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Managed HR consulting and training projects
    • Searching, screening, interviewing and presenting candidates for mid-top management roles
    • Supported recruitment activities for Key Accounts
    • Performed basic accounting and tax reporting
    • Managed daily activities of a team of recruiters (3-6 people)
  • 10.1998 — 01.2001

    Sales consultant (Продажи)

    Ford Motor Company (Автомобили / Запчасти / Ремонт)

    Second largest regional new car dealer (Peyton Cramer Ford)

    Выполненные задачи / KPI

    • Sold new and pre-owned cars
  • Рекрутмент  
  • Управление бизнес единицей  
  • Управление и развитие продуктов  
  • Управление малым / стартап бизнесом | Предпринимательство  
  • Управление персоналом  
  • Продажи  
  • Развитие бизнеса  
  • Маркетинг  
  • Управление финансами  
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