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Product Manager (Управление и развитие продуктов)

Talent Map the recruitment agency (IT | Системная интеграция)

Описание вакансии

We’re developing an analytics-rich software system that replaces the current spreadsheet workflow that CPG companies use to manage their trade. Over the last few years, we have amassed a client base of industry leading brands and have helped them manage over a hundred million in trade dollars.

Minimum Qualifications

Strong written and verbal communications skills
Experience working with non-technical domain experts
Experience working alongside software engineers, designers, and customer-facing teams to build and ship products
Strong intuition for UI/UX

What You Will Do

Work closely with our customer-facing team to better understand the consumer goods/retail domain and the pain points our customers face
Work alongside our engineers and designers to build and ship products
Identify important product questions that will inform our development roadmap
Conduct user interviews to better understand our priorities and how our customers interact with our software
Streamline user flows in various parts of the software


Competitive salary and bonus
Competitive and early-stage equity compensation
Unlimited PTO



- Вуз – Специалист

Разрешение на работу

- Удалённая работа

08  Март  2022

136 000 USD


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